Serve static assets with an efficient cache policy to boost website performance with Lighthouse

Serve static assets with an efficient cache policy to boost website performance with Lighthouse

Unleash the power of HTTP caching and CDNs for turbocharged website performance

Posted by Joe Dodds on May 27, 2023

Google Lighthouse, a robust performance auditing tool, recommends serving static assets with an efficient cache policy. HTTP caching can significantly speed up your page load time for repeat visitors, thereby enhancing user experience and potentially improving SEO rankings.

HTTP Caching - Why is it important?

When a user visits a webpage, their browser needs to download all the necessary files to display that page correctly. These files often include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and various media assets such as images. Without HTTP caching, the browser would need to re-download these files on every visit, even if they haven't changed.

HTTP caching solves this problem by storing copies of these files in the user's browser cache. On subsequent visits, the browser can load these files from the cache instead of re-downloading them, leading to faster page load times.

Implementing Efficient Cache Policies

The cache policy determines how long these files are stored in the browser's cache. An efficient cache policy balances the need for fresh content with the benefits of caching. Files that change infrequently, such as images and CSS, can have longer cache lifetimes.

Lighthouse provides an audit for efficient cache policies. It lists all static assets served without a cache policy or with a short cache lifetime, showing potential savings in seconds that could be achieved by serving these assets with a longer cache policy.

CDNs and Caching

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a network of servers distributed around the world, designed to deliver content more efficiently to users. They work by storing copies of your website's static assets and serving them to users from the server that's geographically closest to them.

CDNs are an excellent way to implement caching for static assets. They can handle the complexity of managing cache lifetimes and ensure that users always receive the fastest possible load times.

There are several CDN services available, one of which is:

  • ImageLato, an online service offering CDN hosting along with optimization of size and formats for images.


Serving static assets with an efficient cache policy is an important aspect of website optimization. Tools like Google Lighthouse can help identify opportunities to improve caching on your website, leading to faster load times for repeat visitors. Utilizing a CDN service like ImageLato can further enhance your website's performance by providing quick and efficient delivery of your optimized, cached static assets.

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